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We have a few Flighstcopes - the Kudu, Xi and the new mevo.  We use this incredible technology to add value to your golf day.  Golfers like technology and this is instant feedback on their shots.  Please see our options below:



mevo   mevo2



Charity days - R3500 (we charge the guys to take part and then we keep the first R3500, and give you the profits.  We average R6000 per golf day on collections.  You then make some money and get a great value add on your golf day.)

Corporate days - R7500 (the flightscope is the most fun way to run your longest drive or predict your distance.  We can print the results on the tee box.)

Swing analyis and Flightscope numbers on the Mevo - R7500 ex vat.  



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