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The FlightScope Kudu tracks the club movement in 3D, for both indoors and outdoors, without having to put anything onto the club. Not only does FlightScope Kudu measure club head speed at impact, it also measures the club head speed profile throughout the strike zone. Furthermore, it measures the angle of attack in both vertical and horizontal directions.

The software provided with the FlightScope Kudu has data screens for Real Time trajectory tracking, Club processing, Table of detailed measured parameters, Driver Optimizer, Ball Fitting Software (subscription optional) and Swing Labs club recommendation module (subscription optional).

FlightScope®, the world's first-ever 3D Doppler tracking golf radar, is a state-of-the-art portable indoor-outdoor golf radar, which is used for ball-flight and club monitoring. Accurate, user-friendly and affordable, it is in use for golf instruction, swing analysis and club fitting around the world. FlightScope is also used as a training aid and for personal practice by tour professionals and other golfers devoted to game improvement. In addition, green-grass and practice facilities, golf academies and retailers use FlightScope to recommend clubs, teach golf students and spice up corporate golf days.


Charity days - R3500 (we charge the guys to take part and then we keep the first R3500, and give you the profits.  We average R6000 per golf day on collections.  You then make some money and get a great value add on your golf day.)

Corporate days - R7000 (the flightscope is the most fun way to run your longest drive or predict your distance.  We can print the results on the tee box.)



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