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Charity Day Money Spinners


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We have a few money spinners that cost you nothing.  We provide any of the following value adds for your charity golf day - Flightscope - Catapult - Beat the pro - Double your money.  In return we ask for R50 or R100 per player and we hold a nominal fee for the pro golfer - the rest is for the charity.  You will always make some money!!!!!

Charity days are very common and don't have to be low budget.  We try to add as much value as we can through our supplier relationships so that when you pay R3000 for a fourball you get full value for money while still contributing to the charity.  I believe the key is to run top fundraising golf days and get the hole sponsorships to be the icing on the cake.  This will allow you to fill your field the following year as the golfers feel that there was great value in what you offered....

For charities that battle to fill a full golf day field, please look at "Night Golf" as an option.  You will raise the same money with 40 players as you can with 80 at a golf day.........

How can we help you at your charity day?

  • Build a pre event website to help you with promoting your sponsors and event.
  • Source name brand shirts at close out prices - Cutter & Buck, Ahead and Rhode Island. (Great value for registration as the golfer knows they have been given a top golf shirt)
  • Source your registration gifts and prizes at best prices
  • Run you event so you can socialize with your guests
  • Offer our in house services at a greatly reduced rate to help with the fund raising
  • Arrange for a trick shot show, beat the pro and MC at a cost based upon income generated!

Please have a look at our calender for upcoming events including our own charity days........ 

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