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Event Management

Why outsource to GolfGuys?

Running your own event can be a daunting task - let us give you better value for money for your budget.  You simply sign off the artwork!  We will work to your budget and save you money.

GolfGuys have been steadily growing since 2006, providing both value add and event management services to a broad spectrum of companies.  We pride ourselves on accurate budget management and guarantee both client and customer satisfaction. We are well established with a strong team and an impeccable track record.  Our in house broad offering sets us apart from the rest.

Every golf day is different and caters to different clientelle, it is vitally important that you structure your day to suit your needs and your guest's expectations.  We have gained our experience from 18 years of playing professional golf and playing in corporate days all over the world.  We can guarantee you a better quality golf day for your money.  The key to a successful event is scrutinizing each and every aspect or line item of your budget.  The clients' expectations vary depending on the industry and what your competition is showcasing.  Let us guide you to entertain and impress your clients to meet all expectations - yours and theirs!


Our goal is to allow you to interact with your guests on the golf day and not stress about the day itself, your guests will leave with a memorable experience that will come back as return on investment......  Please contact us for a comparative quote or to meet up and discuss your next golf day.

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How do we save you money?

  • We will go to source for your shirts, caps, registration gifts and prizes (this alone will save you about 25%)
  • We handle a lot of the value add products in-house, so we can do a better deal for management, swing analysis, pros etc
  • We will liaise with the golf club and your arrangements, leaving you time to concentrate on your day to day work.
  • We will do the running around to get your clothing and gifts branded, you simply sign off on the artwork.
  • We analyse every line item in your budget to make sure that your clients will appreciate everything and that you are not wasting money.....
  • We are able to adapt to any change in numbers or budget to make your day a success
  • Call us.............



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