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Golf Photographers:

Golf day photography is ever changing, from simply taking pictures to put on a usb through to customizing Golf Digest Magazines! We can cater to your budgets and marketing requirements. There are a few photographic products on the market that will really add value and longevity to your next golf day!

I would look at the 4 different areas:

    1. *     Simple photography for your company magazine and for prints on the day.
  • *     Website photos - all pictures are loaded on the golf day site, as it is the platform for your event.
  • *     Golf Digest Magazine - this is the most popular product.  Ready for prize giving on teh day - personalised.
  • *     Digital brochure of your day - this is a great product that is very professional and showcases the following:
        • Introduction
        • 3 interviews (video)
        • Photos
        • swing analysis link
        • results
        • golf day video
        • content
        • contact details
        • advertising space

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Golf Day Video:

This is a great way to provide some entertainment to kick off your evening function!

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